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Meet the Doctors

Dr Brian Wirth ChiropractorEducation
Dr. Brian Wirth, founder of Wirth Chiropractic & Active Living Center, completed his professional training by earning a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from the world-renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic.

For years Dr. Wirth has worked in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation, assisting both amateur and professional athletes in regaining their strength, flexibility, and earlier range of mobility to get back to performing at the highest competitive levels. This experience gives him unique insight into the underlying causes of various types of injuries, enabling Dr. Wirth to offer customized treatment solutions to his patients.

Treatment Methods
Dr. Wirth uses a wide range of leading-edge chiropractic diagnosis and treatment methods to ensure a complete and speedy recovery of his patients.
Looking beyond the symptoms of his patients, Dr. Wirth addresses the root cause of the problem. He implements a customized chiropractic care plan using methods such as manual manipulation and physiotherapy techniques to facilitate a complete recovery to help the patient return to active living.

Work Philosophy
Dr. Wirth's drug-free, natural approach to chiropractic care is influenced by his outlook on life and shaped by his life experiences. After suffering a debilitating football injury, Dr. Wirth sought chiropractic treatment for relief. Chiropractic care enabled him to obtain relief from his pain and improve the function and mobility in his upper extremities. "I'm a very active person," says Dr. Wirth. "I remember what it is like to be in pain and sidelined from the activities that I loved. It gives me great pride to help others relieve their pain and regain their health. I feel as if I'm giving them the chance to get into the game again."

A native of Wisconsin, Dr. Wirth enjoys playing a range of sports as well as  coaching the Youth Pitt County Lacrosse Club.

Dr Jerome Lewis ChiropractorAbout
Dr. Jerome Lewis II, joined Wirth Chiropractic on July 18, 2016. Dr. Lewis received his Bachelor of Science in 2010 from Georgia State University. In 2016, he was awarded his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University. A native of Augusta, GA, he now resides in Greenville where he enjoys reading, working out, playing basketball and spending time with friends and family. According to Lewis, “it has always been my dream to practice in this field and working with Dr. Wirth in such a dynamic and forward-thinking practice only adds another level in reaching that dream.”