Over three million people are injured while performing their jobs every year in US. Work injuries can be debilitating and prevent workers from not only do their jobs but also their routine daily activities such as throwing a baseball with their son or kicking a soccer ball around. Most work related injuries are caused by overexertion or repetitive movements, and some are caused by traumatic accidents.

It is advisable to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, as soon as there is pain or discomfort. Timely chiropractic treatment greatly improves the chances of full and quicker recovery. On the other hand delaying the matter could result in long-term complications and onset of chronic pain.

Neck & Back Injury Resolution

The most common injuries for industrial workers are to their neck and back, as most of their work places a lot of strain on their spines. However, office workers are also vulnerable to these types of injuries but they will occur because of poor posture, improper ergonomics, and strain. Studies conducted all over the world have shown chiropractic treatment and care is the best option for treating neck and back pain. Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, uses physical therapy, trigger point therapy, and chiropractor manipulations to effectively treat neck and back injuries.

Repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome are the other most common injuries for employees. People working on computers, typewriters, and on the assembly line need to flex their wrists repeatedly for a long time. This type of repetitive stress puts extra pressure on the median nerve, which is a major nerve running from the forearm to the wrist.

Managing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This nerve is compressed after years of repetitive work movements, and this condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Employees can prevent this condition or reduce its severity by consulting Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, who will provide ergonomic training and various effective therapies.

Repetitive headaches is another most common work related injury that can be caused by poor posture, overexertion, muscle tension, and stress. Employees with neck injuries can also develop headaches if the nerves in the cervical area are getting compressed or irritated.

Chiropractic Care for Headaches

Chiropractic treatment is highly effective for correcting issues in the cervical spine. This allows the affected nerve to heal, which in turn will reduce and ease headaches. Studies have shown that receiving the right chiropractic treatment is known to reduce frequency and severity of migraine headaches as well.

Other common work related injuries are rotator cuff tears, tendinitis, bursitis, and numbness in the arms and legs. Wirth Chiropractic care and treatment are your best options for full and quick recovery from work injuries.   

A minor rear-ended collision of your vehicle can cause some serious whiplash trauma. The injuries and physical damage caused by this type of trauma can only be treated effectively by a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. Hence, after an auto accident, even if it were minor, it would be wise to seek chiropractic care. Here are certain factors that magnificently influence the seriousness of whiplash injuries.

The Size and Speed of the Vehicles

When the size and weight of both vehicles are similar, even a collision occurring at 8 mph could generate 2-G acceleration of the vehicle, and 5-G acceleration of the driver or passenger's head. Hence, the lower speed and size of vehicle does not matter, and the injury could be quite serious.

Position of Headrest

Unfortunately, even when the headrest is at the correct height, it will not be close enough to catch the head before the injury can occur. If the headrest is low, if the seat is in a reclined position, or the person is maintaining a poor posture then these factors will increase the distance further and increase the seriousness of the whiplash injury. The position of the head is critical because when the G forces are concentrated on one side of the spine the severity of injury substantially increases.

Children and Women

Children and women sustain whiplash injuries that are more serious because they are shorter than men are, and the headrest might be further away from their necks when the accident occurs.


Advanced age plays a major role because as the body becomes old, muscles lose their flexibility and become weaker, the ligaments lose their pliability, and there is general decrease in the range of motion. All these factors can increase the seriousness of whiplash injury dramatically.

Pre-existing Health Issues

A person suffering from a health issue like osteoporosis or arthritis will be much more at risk of suffering a serious whiplash injury.

The Best Approach

It is quite clear that nobody can fully eliminate the risk of whiplash injury when his or her vehicle is rear-ended or hit from the side. The above factors will only increase the severity of the injury. Therefore, the best approach would be to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, after an accident, since this doctor is a specialist in detecting and effectively treating soft tissue and whiplash injuries, via treatment such as chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulations, and massages. 

Fender bender as the name suggests is a minor auto accident where the vehicle sustains some miniscule dents or a bent fender. Even though fender benders cause minimal damage to the vehicle, it can cause serious injury to the driver or passengers travelling the in the vehicle.

Opening the Right Door

Secondly, many times these injuries remain hidden and the injured persons may not even know that they have suffered injuries that require treatment. Fender benders mainly cause whiplash injuries, which damage the ligaments, muscles, and nerves in the neck, and may even misalign the spine. Therefore, after sustaining auto injuries, it is critical to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. A chiropractor is a specialist doctor who is an expert in detecting and treating these types of bodily injuries.

When whiplash injuries are not detected and treated, the injured victim could develop chronic pain, and might even develop certain disabilities. However, timely chiropractic treatment can significantly reduce the chances of long-term serious health issues.

The chiropractor main approach will be to treat whiplash injuries with chiropractic adjustments and manipulations, which will restore mobility and spinal functions. This biomechanical approach is the most natural approach at treating an injury, and your recovery is much faster. However, recovery time is also genuinely influenced by the severity of the injury.

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will first consider the patient's medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination. The doctor might order further tests, such as x-rays and scans to confirm his diagnosis, and then draw out an effective treatment plan.

Early Detection is Pivotal

Early detection of whiplash injury can greatly reduce the occurrence of chronic pain, inflammation, and formation of scar tissue. Not treating whiplash injury it time could also cause early deterioration of spinal column, ligaments, and muscles. It could also lead to early onset of arthritis, osteoporosis, and other musculoskeletal issues. Therefore, the early detection and the right treatment of whiplash injuries is vital.

After a car accident, the injured victim is usually taken to the ER, where the doctor checks for bleeding, broken bones, bruises, and damage to organs. However, this doctor is often ill equipped and under qualified to detect and treat whiplash injuries.

The Right Route to Take

If you are suffering from neck pain, this doctor might prescribe some pain medication, which might relive the pain, but it is not going to treat the underlying whiplash injury. Therefore, when you have been in a car accident and even if you do not experience pain or other symptoms, it is always prudent and bright to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. 

There are numerous auto accidents happening all over the country each year, and the majority of them are rear end collisions. Amongst these, many are considered minor accidents, since the vehicle would have sustained minimal damage.

Nothing to Laugh About

However, even when the vehicle is moving between 5 to 10 mph, the driver or passengers inside the rear-ended vehicle can sustain serious whiplash injuries. Hence, it is important to seek the care of Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC for quick recovery and avoid future complications.

Contemporary Studies Reveal

A few decades ago, whiplash was viewed in simplistic manner, where you head could have snapped back causing damage to tendons, muscles, and ligaments, or your head could have snapped forward, which could cause some additional injuries. Now research has confirmed that are rear-end collision is quite serious, as the upper neck goes into flexion, and the lower part of the neck undergoes hyperextension.

This means the top and bottom areas of your neck are literally going in opposite directions during the first phase of the whiplash trauma. The injuries occur very fast, and tests have shown it takes under a tenth of a second for the damage to take place. In order for the muscles to react and protect the joints, it takes a minimum of two tenths of a second. Since the injury happens in less than a tenth of second, the dynamics of our muscles are useless for protecting the joints in a whiplash trauma.

Even if you are wearing a seat belt or your vehicle has the best-designed seats, you cannot avoid a whiplash injury. At the time of the whiplash trauma, the neck goes into an "S" shaped configuration that lays immense stress on the discs and facet joints. The best way to treat this type of injury is biomechanically through adjustments done by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC.

Not the True Answer

After the auto accident, when you are taken to the ER, the general doctor will most probably prescribe some pain medications and muscle relaxants. However, this will only ease the pain and mask other symptoms. Pain relievers do not treat whiplash injuries, and if the victim does not receive specialist chiropractic treatment, the condition will become worse and the patient is likely to suffer chronic pain and even disabilities.

Therefore, if you have been in an auto accident, even if it is considered minor, you should consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC. Chiropractic adjustments are one of the best treatments for whiplash, and it can save you from other serious complications from setting in later. 

Even though there are millions of auto accidents happening each year, most of them are considered minor. However, the accident is mainly judged minor because there is minimal damage to the vehicles involved. The statistics do not reflect the extent of injuries suffered by the driver or passengers of the vehicle.

You might think that since there is only a small dent in the vehicle, the people inside the car would have not experienced any injuries that would have any long term implications and probably not even any short term implications.

All Accidents can Lead to this Type of Injury

Unfortunately, this is not the case always. In most minor accidents, the people inside suffer from whiplash injury, which is a soft tissue injury caused by the violent backwards and forwards movement of the head at the time of impact. Even when the vehicle is travelling at less than 10 mph the people inside can suffer from severe whiplash injuries, and hence it becomes important to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC.

This injury is not visible. You are not going to be bleeding which would lead to this type of injury. That is why so many people are ignorant when it comes to this type of injury and its ramifications for your quality of life.

Fender Bender Accidents

Unfortunately, even safety devices in the car like seat belts or special design of the seat cannot prevent whiplash injuries. Fender benders are the most common type of accidents, where you rear end the vehicle in front or somebody crashes into your vehicle from behind. The impact will throw your head forwards and backwards, which will flex your neck severely. This is typical whiplash trauma, and the ligaments in your neck are severely strained or even torn.

Whiplash trauma can also cause spinal misalignment and nerve damage. Even though, whiplash is a serious injury, most victims may not experience any symptoms for a long time. Since people do not feel much pain, they might simply take some pain medication to get relief.

However, the main injury could remain hidden and the person might experience severe symptoms and other health issues later. Therefore, it is important to get yourself checked by Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after the accident.

The Training and the Resources

Compared to a general doctor, a chiropractor is a specialist in soft tissue injuries, and is better qualified and equipped to detect and treat whiplash injuries. After an accident, you are usually taken to the ER in a hospital and a general doctor will attend to your injuries.

However, this doctor may not be able to diagnose the extent of your soft tissue injuries, or provide the correct treatment. Therefore, after an auto accident, even if it is minor and your vehicle has sustained minimal damage, you should still consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC.

If you have been in an auto accident, you should let the medics check you and take you to a hospital, even if you feel you have not been injured. The doctor in ER is going to treat you mainly for cuts, bruises, bleeding, and broken bones. However, in most auto accidents the driver or passengers suffer from whiplash injury. General doctors are not qualified to diagnose and treat these type of injuries, and hence you need to consult Wirth chiropractic in Greenville, NC.

Timing is an Issue

Typically, whiplash trauma will cause pain in the neck, head, shoulders, or upper back, but sometimes this injury can remain hidden and symptoms may not surface for days, weeks, or even months. Whiplash injury can cause severe health issues, disabilities, and chronic pain, if it is not diagnosed and treated in time.

Therefore, when you have been in an auto accident, the doctor in the ER is most probably going to prescribe some medications for your pain, and will not be treating the root issue. If you want to recover from a whiplash then it is important to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, who will be able to correctly diagnose the extent of your injury and provide the right treatment.

Knowing What to Look For

Chiropractic treatment is not complicated and it is one of the most natural forms of treatment. The chiropractor will move your limbs manually to see if your movements are restricted and if it is causing you any pain. This is called chiropractic adjustments, and it is one of the most effective ways of restoring normal movement and speeding up the recover process. The chiropractor may also provide massage therapy, and prescribe certain stretching and strengthening exercises.

The time it takes to recover from whiplash will mainly depend on the severity of your injury and taking the right treatment. If you want to avoid long-term health issues and want to recover fast, it is critical to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after an accident. A visit to the ER is not enough, even though you may feel that the ER is equipped to handle all types of injuries. The ER is for acute or obvious issues such as a sliced hand due to cutting some carrots where the threat is imminent and the solution is quick.

Having back or neck pain will take much longer to correctly diagnose and to find a cure. Only a chiropractor can put you on the right track.

Waiting is Illogical

In fact and furthermore, the ER and the doctor who attends to you is not a specialist in treating soft tissue injuries, while a chiropractor is qualified to do so. You should not take any chances with whiplash injuries, since even though these injuries are common, they can have a debilitating effect on your health if they are not treated immediately.

Auto accidents are quite common and most are considered minor accidents where the car may be slightly dented and the driver may receive a few minor cuts and bruises. Considering the minor damage to the vehicle, most people think it is a minor accident, but in most cases, the people in the car would have suffered whiplash injuries, which may be quite severe.

Misguided Assumptions

Whiplash injury could remain undetected and will cause several problems later on, and therefore you need a specialist like Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC to treat these types of soft tissue injuries. There are many people who believe just because they do not feel any pain they are good to go. There are others who believe anything that is wrong with them will just heel over time. This is not always the case.

Even a slight impact to your vehicle from behind or from the side, can throw your head backwards and forwards violently, even if you are wearing a seat belt. In fact, there is no way you can prevent whiplash trauma in an auto accident. The violent movement of your head and the intense stretching of your neck could cause severe sprains or tears in the ligaments, or even spinal misalignment.

Not a Permanent Fix

After the accident, the doctor in the ER will be mainly checking for obvious wounds and bleeding, and may prescribe some pain medications to relieve the discomfort you might be feeling in your neck. However, this will only provide temporary relief and will not treat the whiplash injury. Only a chiropractor is qualified to treat soft tissue injuries and will be able to provide the right treatment. 

A Terrible Situation Brewing

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC is experienced specialist in detecting and treating different types of soft tissue injuries that may be caused by auto accidents. Therefore, after an auto accident, it is critical to diagnose the type of injuries you have suffered and the severity of your problems. If you have not been to a chiropractor after the accident, you might suffer from persistent pain in the neck and shoulder areas, and may suffer frequent headaches. Do not ignore these symptoms, since they may seem mild, but they can cause severe health issues later.

Sometimes the accident victim might not even feel pain or other symptoms for days, weeks, and even months, even after sustaining a whiplash trauma. When whiplash injury remains hidden, it can develop into major health issues, chronic pain, and even disabilities later. Therefore, even when you feel you have not been injured in the accident, you should still consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC, who is capable of detecting these injuries and in providing the right treatment.

Auto accidents are stressful events and unfortunately, there are over six million auto accidents in a year in the country. In most cases the drivers or passengers in the vehicles suffer from whiplash injuries, even when the accident has been minor and the damage to the vehicle is minimal.

Crash victims suffering from whiplash trauma often experience neck pain, back pain, stiffness, headaches, blurry vision, and dizziness. Since the ER doctor is not actually qualified to detect or treat soft tissue injuries like whiplash, it becomes vital to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC.

Pain Experience Thwarted

It is surprising to see that most people involved in auto accidents are more worried about their vehicles and their insurance, rather than their physical state. Actually, during the accident the body would have produced adrenaline, which numbs the pain and helps the body cope with the trauma. Therefore, many accident victims do not experience the symptoms of whiplash injuries, since the adrenaline would have masked the pain.

Many people involved in an accident are also worried about their jobs and the tasks they have to do that day and how those plans have not been affected. The concern over their physical well-being is sometimes secondary.   

Another problem with whiplash injuries is that the victim might know the full impact of the injury for days, weeks, and even months. Therefore, it becomes essential to consult Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after an auto accident, as he is fully qualified and equipped to detect these types of injuries.

Injuries from even Minor Accidents

Even a minor impact to the vehicle from the back or side can cause whiplash trauma, where the head of the victim is violently thrown backwards and forwards. This momentum can cause tears in the ligaments, damage nerves, and cause spinal misalignment.

The extent of the whiplash injury will depend on the severity of the trauma, and age of the victim. People who already have problems like arthritis or osteoporosis might be more severely affected, while younger and healthier people might sustain minimal injuries. However, it is important to avail the right treatment for quicker recovery, and avoiding severe health issues later. 

Know what to Look For  

Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC will conduct a thorough examination and might take x-rays or scans to confirm diagnosis. Whiplash injuries are treated mainly with chiropractic adjustments, massages, and special exercises. The doctor will also check to see if the spine has suffered any misalignment and will take steps to correct the problem.

If you do not consult a chiropractor after an auto accident, and your whiplash injury remains hidden, you could end up with chronic pain, disabilities, and aggravation of related symptoms later. Hence, make sure you consult with Wirth Chiropractic in Greenville, NC after an accident to ensure quick recovery.